Installed IRS Differential Carrier

Installed IRS Differential Carrier

Thanks to my friends Jim and Brad, we got the independent rear suspension differential installed tonight. It did not go in easily. Had to remove the rear diff cover to get it in. Here are the steps we took:

  1. Turn the diff vertically and rotate 90° before attempting to move it up into position.
  2. Using a jack (and some friends to keep it stable), jack the diff straight up vertically though the IRS cage on the chassis.
  3. Once the diff clears the bottom of the cage, rotate the front mounting tabs down into position and thread the mounting hardware by hand, keeping the weight on the jack and off the tabs.
  4. Then mount the rear diff cover to the chassis loosely by hand before threading the bolts into the diff cover.
  5. Once all of the bolts are in, snug everything up before going back and torqueing everything to spec.

What a PITA, but I’m happy it is in!


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