The Parts List

I will use this page to track what has been purchased, what will be purchased, what needs to be fabricated, what has been installed, and what needs to be installed. Here is where we stand so far:


Initial Order from Factory Five Racing

 Part  Description  Price
50013 Mark IV Roadster Complete Kit $19,990.00
12189 Powder coated chassis – Black, includes Powdercoated Driver’s side roll bar (no charge) $0.00
1422* 4/6L/5.0L Coyote Mounts (No Charge) $0.00
14761** 31 spline 12.875″ length driveshaft (No Charge) $0.00
12070 Body with cut-outs of side pipes, body mounts, lighting accessories, gas cap, roll-bars, windshield posts, and side louver openings. $129.00
14260 Upgrade: Leather Roadster Seats $499.00
12066 Tubular Front Lower Control Arms. Replaces 87-04 Mustang lower control arms. (No Charge) $0.00
14769 Independent Rear Suspension Kit, standard axle width w/Koni shocks $2,199.00
15301 Vintage Factory Five/Smiths Style Gauges $199.00
14865 Vintage Halibrand Replica Wheels, 17″ x 9″ Front and 17″ x 10.5″ Rear ($499 + $129.00 shipping) $628.00
14932 Upgrade: Polished Stainless Side Exhaust (Standard kit comes with bare steel side exhaust. (No Charge) $0.00
15330 Upgrade: Polished Stainless Bumpers. Authentic F/R full hoop & over-riders (No Charge) $0.00
12049 Wind Wings (No Charge) $0.00
12042 Sun Visors (No Charge) $0.00
15549 Vintage Wiper Kit $499.00
15101 Upgrade Chrome Driver Side Roll-Bar $299.00
Shipping via Stewart Transportation $1,500.00
Sub-Total $25,942.00

Total cost came out to $24,442.00
Shipping from Stewart ran $1500
Total cost to get everything here was about $25,942.00

*There is a new option available since I purchased my kit. You’ll want the (15440) 4/6L/5.0L Coyote Mounts for your build.
**I accidentally got the longer shaft which was designed to fit the 5.0L Coyote with a Tremec-T45/Tremec-3650/TKO500/TKO600, when I should have got the 14760 – 31 spline 10.375″ length driveshaft to fit the 5.0L Coyote with a Tremec T56

Additional Parts

Breeze Automotive Harness Crossbar for 1-3/4″ Roll Bars, Carbon Steel, 2x $25$50.00 Acquired

 Part  Price  Status
2bKing’s Footbox Mod with .090 firewall upgrade $216.24  Acquired
2bKing’s Custom .090 Aluminum Firewall Forward Mod $58.50  Acquired
Alcantara Fabric for the dash, center console, doors, and rear cockpit wall $200.00  Need
Battery, Top Post, 12-Volt, AGM, BCI Group 34 $200.00  Need
Custom Billet Badges (Hood, Trunk, Sides, steering wheel badge) 5x $80 $400.00  Need
Boig Motorsports Lower Radiator Hose Coyote/Roadster/Afco Radiator (BMS-104) $149.50  Acquired
Boyd’s Welding 20 gal Aluminum Fuel Tank (future: installing 15-gallon Mustang GT tank first) $490.00  Need
Bostik 1100 Urethane Adhesive Sealant, Gray (purchased from Breeze Automotive) $12.00  Need or  Acquired
Brake Line, Nickel Copper Conifer, 25′ $25.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive 3TTL Power Steering Rack w/ 1″ Rack Extenders $339.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Offset Steering Rack Mounts $51.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Steering Rack Travel Limit Spacers $9.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Aluminum Fan Shroud $59.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Lower Radiator Support Kit $44.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Heavy Duty Hinged Radiator Shroud Mounting Kit $45.00  Acquired
Billet Aluminum Side-View Mirror Set, Black Anodized Finish $300.00  Acquired
Breeze Automotive Fused Alternator Charge Cable Kit $39.00  Need
Breeze Automotive Roll Bar Parts Kit, 1-3/4″ (2x $219.00) $438.00  Acquired
CNC Billet 3-chamber reservoirs (front brake, rear brake, and clutch) $150.00  Acquired
CNC Reservoir Low Fluid Sensors Caps (front & rear brakes) 2x $40 $80.00  Acquired
CNC Billet Pressurizing Cap for Bleeding $20.00  Acquired
Cobra Earl’s Fresh Air Footbox Kit $207.00  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Dead Pedal Box $28.75  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Door Sill Trim $79.95  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Rear Cockpit Glove Box $57.50  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Trunk Access Panel $17.25  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Fuel Tank Access Panel $17.25  Acquired
Dark Water Customs Exhaust Hangers $75.00  Acquired
Energy Suspension Polyurethane Coyote Engine & Trans Mounts $0.00  Acquired
Factory Five Racing BBK Ceramic Coated Shorty Headers (33920) & J-pipes (15442) For Sale $200.00  Acquired
FFR Coyote 4-into-4 Double-collector Headers Factory Five Racing (16267) $925.00  Acquired
Factory Five Racing Coyote Installation Kit $350.00  Acquired
Factory Five Racing Assembled Side Louver Set (15659) $85.00  Need
FFMetal F-Panel $79.00  Acquired
FFMetal Firewall Forward $99.00  Acquired
FFMetal Battery Box $159.00  Acquired
2018 Ford Racing Coyote Crate Engine M-6007-M50A $6,850.00  Acquired
Ford Racing 2018 Coyote Engine Control Pack $1,544.00  Acquired
Ford Racing 2018 Coyote Engine Cover Kit $116.00  Acquired
Ford Racing 2018 Coyote Alternator & Bracket $245.00  Acquired
Ford Racing Mini Starter $0.00  Acquired
Ford Racing Flywheel (incl. with Coyote motor) $0.00  Acquired
Ford Racing Starter Index Plate M-7007-A $36.60  Acquired
Ford Racing T56/Modular Aluminum Bellhousing $488.00  Acquired
Ford Racing M-7771-A Modular Hardware Kit (Bellhousing Bolts) $35.99  Acquired
Ford Racing M-5970-A IRS Knuckle Set $449.00  Acquired
Ford Performance M-1109-A IRS Hub Cobra 1999-2004 2x $189.00  Acquired
Ford Racing M-1215-A Cobra IRS Wheel Bearings 2x $55.00  Acquired
Ford Performance M-4033-G3 IRS Differential Cover 8.8 $259.99  Acquired
Ford Power Steering Pump & bracket $475.00  Acquired
Ford 1998 Mustang Cobra 4.6L ABS Pump Module (new on eBay) $150.00  Acquired
Ford 1998 Mustang ABS Module Bracket & Wire Harness(MP Auto Salvage) $50.00  Acquired
Ford ABS Ring Rear F4ZZ-2C189-A 2x $33.84  Acquired
Ford ABS Speed Sensor Right Rear (F4ZZ-2C190-BB) or (Standard Products LRS-2190BA at LMR) $78.48  Need
ABS Speed Sensor Left Rear (F4ZZ-2C190-CB) or (Standard Products LRS-2189BA at LMR) $74.73  Need
Ford ABS Speed Sensor Right Front (F7ZZ-2C204-AB) or (Standard Products LRS-2204BB at LMR) $59.99  Need
Ford ABS Speed Sensor Left Front (Ford F7ZZ-2C205-AB) or (Standard Products LRS-2205BB at LMR) $59.99  Need
Forte’s External Clutch Slave Kit $0.00  Acquired
Forte’s Black Anodized IRS Adjusters $725.00  Acquired
Forte’s Solid IRS Mounts $0.00  Acquired
Forte’s Hydroboost Power Brake Kit $0.00  Acquired
Forte’s 190LPH In-Tank Fuel Pump & Hanger $189.00  Acquired
Forte’s Hydraulic clutch lines $0.00  Acquired
Glove Box, Alex’s Standard $215.00  Need
GM Fuel Pressure Filter/Regulator $130.00  Acquired Revision 2.0 HID Headlights $699.00  Need
Kooks O2 Sensor Extension Harness x2 ($26.66 each) $53.32  Need
Lokar Black Shifter Trim Ring $30.00  Need
Lokar Black E-Brake Boot Bezel $30.00  Need
Metco Driveshaft Safety Loop $129.99  Need
Moroso Low Profile 7-1/2 Qt Oil Pan & Pickup $470.00  Acquired
Moroso Power Steering Resevior $110.00  Acquired
Optima Yellow Top Deep-Cycle 12-Volt Battery, Top Post, BCI Group 34 – 8012-021 D34 $276.99  Need
Ram Clutch $340.00  Acquired
Replicarparts rear license plate bracket $11.00  Need
Replicarparts Roll Bar Trim Rings $65.00  Need
Replicarparts Seat Belt Trim Plates $30.00  Need
Replicarparts Weather Stripping Package $35.00  Need
Replicarparts Weather pack water tight connectors $30.00  Need
Replicarparts Weather pack crimping tool $120.00  Need
Replicarparts Molex 12 pin dash connectors $5.00  Need 2
Replicarparts Windshield post trim plates $42.00  Need
Replicarparts Russ Thompson Turn Signal Bezel $30.00  Need
Russ Thompson’s Turn Signal System $260.00  Acquired
Russ Thompson’s Trunk Hoop Conversion Kit $112.00  Acquired
Steering Wheel Boss customized to fit both Sparco & Factory Five Steering Wheels $0.00  Acquired
Sparco L360 Black Suede Steering Wheel (330mm) $250.00  Acquired
Seat Heaters $0.00  Need
TMI Pro-Viper Jr Sport VXR Seats $1,300.00  Acquired
Tremec T56 Magnum 6spd Transmission TUET11010 $3050.00  Acquired
Tremec Mid-shift Conversion $350.00  Acquired
Tremec 6spd Shifter Lever $0.00  Need
Tremec 6spd Shift Knob $0.00  Need
Wilwood 6-piston Front Brake Calipers $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood 4-piston Rear Brake Calipers $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood 2pc Front Rotors $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood 2pc Rear Rotors $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood Braided Stainless Brake Lines $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood Master Cylinder for clutch $0.00  Acquired
Wilwood Proportioning Valve $88.00  Acquired
Additional Parts Subtotal $
Paint and Body Work Estimate $10,000.00  Need
Total $ 75% Aquired

Estimated Total Investment $65,000

Check back to follow the progress.

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