Side Spat Protection Options – Aluminum vs 3M Scotchgard

Side Spat Protection Options – Aluminum vs 3M Scotchgard

The paint on the front-side of the rear wheel arches takes a serious beating from sand, rocks, and debris on Cobras. To protect the paint, I previously ordered the traditional aluminum Side Spats seen on some original street Cobras. The Featured image above shows what those look like.

I also ordered some 3M Scotchguard versions, which are thick clear vinyl which are invisible when installed. MikeInAtlanta had some extra laying around and was running a special to clear it out. Here is a close-up shot of what they look like installed.

3M Scotchgard Vinyl Rock Guard

I’ll store it for now and it will be installed after the paint has fully cured towards the end of the build. Time will tell if the clear spats yellow over time.


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