Reading the Factory Five Roadster Complete Build Manual

I spent my flight from Dallas to SeaTac reading the build manual for my Cobra. Nothing too scary in there, but then I decided to try and come up with a project plan to loosely commit to so I can realistically see the finish line. I need to do some extra prep work because i don’t have a finished shop, I chose a modern drivetrain, I want to powder coat some parts to last, and do a few upgrades while everything is is apart. Because of that I’m realizing the planning is complicated enough with so many interdependencies that I now understand why professional builders hire project managers. Almost warrants using Microsoft Project. I should get through the whole thing and have the plan done by Thursday though. Thinking out loud… I guess I could just take it one step at a time and not plan but I don’t want this to take several years like it does other people. A lot of the additional time is spent waiting for parts, poor planning, not being committed, researching, yada yada yada… I don’t want to fall into the same rut. Wish me luck.


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