Power Steering Rack from Breeze Automotive

Power Steering Rack from Breeze Automotive

We received our Power Steering Rack from Breeze Automotive today. It is a remanufactured 1987 – 1993 Mustang 3 turn to lock rack in gloss black powder-coat with 1″ rack extenders installed. According to Breeze, this is the best power rack available for the FFR Roadster or Coupe.

In addition, we also picked up the Breeze #70634 Solid Offset Rack Mounting Kit.

According to Breeze, these are billet aluminum solid offset bushings to lower and center the steering rack in Mk3-3.1-4 Factory Five Roadster chassis. The bushing offset is .35″ allow lowering the rack or moving it to one side a full .35″. All positions in between will allow a combination of lowering the rack and centering the rack travel in the chassis. According to Mott College lowering the rack in addition to installing the FFR rack extenders further reduces bump steer. Fits all racks, manual and power. The one piece bushings insert from rear to clamp rack to the rear face of the front mounting ear. This makes the rack an integral frame member and adds to the stiffness of the front of the frame. The position is about 1/4″ further forward than when installing the rack with two piece poly bushings. Material is as-machined 6061 aluminum. Made in USA. Requires two each 1/2″ × 4″ bolts and nuts supplied with by FFR.

UPDATE 9/3/2018: the Breeze #70563 Remanufactured Power Steering Rack with 1″ Rack Extenders 3 Turns Lock to Lock is no longer available since this post was created.


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