IRS Lower Control Arms and Rear Tie Down Loop Kit Installed

Tonight we installed the Independent Rear Suspension Lower Control Arms and IRS Tie Down Loop Kit (ordered recently from Breeze Automotive). The tie down loop kit is two laser cut stainless steel loops that mount under the rear lower control arm to chassis bolt or nut. These were recently revised by Breeze to make installation straight forward ā€“ no drilling and no painting are required ā€“ and there is no right-hand/left-hand to keep track of. Here is the product photo from the website:

Here they are installed.

There are going to be great for tying down the car if it ever winds up on a trailer, and I’m guessing they can pull double-duty as toe hooks in a pinch.

Sadly these are no longer on the Breeze Automotive website anymore but give Mark a call over there anyway and see if he can gab up a set for you.


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