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P.111 Is the firewall spacer needed with a hydraulic clutch setup?

Is the thermostatic fan switch needed to activate the fan with the coyote?


Information Collected

Aluminum Panels

Diagram of aluminum panels page 26 of PDF

Leave the lower section that attaches to the 3⁄4” tube un-siliconed and un-riveted for the inside wall to slip underneath later.


In the latest Coyote Install Instructions (rev X) they didn’t get the famous CMCV plumbing right. They have the vacuum line hooked to the intake instead of the vacuum port. EdwardB said this doesn’t work and throws DTC’s because the CMCV’s when commanded don’t move without a vacuum source. The vacuum line on the RH side of the engine needs to be connected to the vacuum port on the front of the engine by the intake. It’s really that simple. This post has the 2017 vacuum diagram with a markup of where the vacuum needs to be connected.

Note that in the Factory Five instructions they show hooking the fuel regulator vacuum reference to the vacuum port by the intake mentioned above. You have two choices: (1) Use a Y connector to attach both, or (2) Not use the vacuum reference on the fuel regulator. Just plug it. Lots of discussion but many have found the vacuum reference isn’t needed. EdwardB’s tuner specifically said not to use it. I’ll be using a GM regulator back by the tank which doesn’t even have the option for a vacuum reference.


FFR wiper boxes (riveted) not as good as Finishline (screwed). Tend to sometimes skip a gear, and might need to either replace FFR boxes out for Finishline wiper assemblies or use a slightly smaller guide tubing than what was supplied and some minor adjustments to get them to work.

Door latch mods for reliability:

Check out

The latest instructions on the Ford Performance website only show the bottom clutch switch. They’ve eliminated the top switch (page 4 of 22) in the instructions:

2018 GT intake manifolds are making big power gains even over the gt350 manifolds in the 2015+ mustangs.

Windshield install

Phileas_Fogg’s MK 4 Roadster Build 

Picah’s ‘reasonably authentic’ 427 S/C build


Parts left to complete

Battery (sized for Mustang GT)

ABS parts

Bumper Jack Pads, Black $150 from Finishline

Finishline Louvers, side vents


Already purchased – AC Delco GF822 Bypass Fuel Filter, self-regulated to 58 PSI, Eliminates Need for Fuel Pressure Regulator (from 1999-2003 Corvette – Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 10299146, 19239926)

Already purchased – Russell 799-640940 -6AN Male to 3/8″ Male Quick-Connect Fuel Filter Inlet; Zinc-Plated Steel; Used to convert OE in-tank fuel pump and discharge line to -6AN at the OE filter location, allowing installation of aftermarket fuel pumps with -6AN oulets while retaining stock 3/8″ hard line $10.99

Already purchased – -6AN Male to 3/8″ Clip Rail Hard Line Push-On Connection; allow the use of stock fuel rails with AN-style lines

Already purchased – -6AN Male to 5/16″ Clip Rail Hard Line Push-On Connection; allow the use of stock fuel rails with AN-style lines

Wheels: Rays ZE40 wheels with . 18” x 9” Front and 18” x 10.5” Rear.

Tires: Nitto NT555 G2 – Treadwear: 320 | Traction: AA | Temperature: A | Front: 275/40ZR17 102W XL | Rear: 315/35ZR17 106W XL

Toyo R888r  – Treadwear: | Traction: | Temperature: | Front: 275/40ZR17 98W | Rear: 315/35ZR17 102W